On Why The Nuns Feel The Brrn, the Burn, and the Bern

It has been brought to my attention that I have not been direct enough about the nuns’ political leanings. So let it be known: S(h)o(w)cialists, all of them. All the way and they’re not ashamed, for they know their savior, The One and The Only JC Up Top, was a radical so(w)cialist and stood with…

The Pussy Cat Nuns and the Little Hex Kitten

O, Readrrr. O, O, O, Ow Readpurr. It’s time we talked about the strange and enchanted, folkloric and spiritual, relationship between nuns and cats. I’ve waited a long time to address this subject, Readrrr, but the cat’s about to get out of the bag real fast so bunch those granny apple panties into a rhododendron…

Lo-Down on The Spying Nun

One of the things you need to know about the nuns is that not only are there ‘singing nuns’ and ‘flying nuns’, but there are also spying nuns. You are reading from the brain of one.

I am a nun spy who unabashedly spies on nuns. I get away with it, plain and simply, because no one believes me.

Queen of Sheba Eve: The Saucy Hex Lives of Nun Spies

The nuns will spare no expense (in their two dollar a month budget) when it comes to Julia Child, so we always manage to have a feast made up of sad replications of her best dishes. Because we are dirt poor, we have to use “alternative ingredients” …

The Prefix Hex (Clue 1)

Before we begin our lessons on the prefixory gem that is ‘hex’ and the concept I invented, ‘hexuality,’ I will give you a series of clues: bits and pieces of the vast continent of cognitive connection that encompasses hexuality.