Kew the Lighthouse: On Nuns, Bottles of Gin, and Sapphic Gardens

Every year on October 17, nuns everywhere make their crone voyage across seas, lakes, ponds, and puddles to the (nearest) lighthouse. Some convents are so far off in the boonies that this is not possible, particularly considering the nuns travel mostly by scooter, four nuns to a scooter. However, instead of acknowledging that not every…

Intro(w). to Cliterary Theory (aka Tri-vial Purrsuits)

Every “fact”on this site is a “little known fact” but the nuns have never, not for one second, been into games of trivial pursuit. Their trivialization is social and mythical: the nuns have had nothing to do with it, historically. What has history ever told (of) us (of our Sapphic Selves), anyway?