Sistrrr Rosalita’s Rosary Guide

When I was a child, being brought full swing into Catholicism and groomed for the holy life by my grandmothers, I spent an abnormal amount of time in church. By choice. It is unheard of for a young child to want to go to church, and to volunteer at all opportunities to do so, but…

Resurrection Nuns on the Run

Most people think about nuns as being very stationary beings, but the truth is: nary a stationary nun in sight! Rather, the nuns are station-airy, stationery, and station-err-e.e. beings: they are mobile and, while they seem to stay in one place, they get around and hit the heights regularly, more than your average astronaut. They…

The Pussy Cat Nuns and the Little Hex Kitten

O, Readrrr. O, O, O, Ow Readpurr. It’s time we talked about the strange and enchanted, folkloric and spiritual, relationship between nuns and cats. I’ve waited a long time to address this subject, Readrrr, but the cat’s about to get out of the bag real fast so bunch those granny apple panties into a rhododendron…

The Prefix Hex (Clue 1)

Before we begin our lessons on the prefixory gem that is ‘hex’ and the concept I invented, ‘hexuality,’ I will give you a series of clues: bits and pieces of the vast continent of cognitive connection that encompasses hexuality.

Sister Danita’s Meatloaf: The Maker of Wicked Witches

Nuns are in the business of preposterous punishments, and so I endeavored to be in the business of preposterous potions. Thus began my wicked life in (or, moved from the basement to) the kitchen. I can’t say I’ve performed any miracles, at least not yet, but I do take pride in my work as the Wicked Witch of the Eat and, grandest of all, Sister Danita’s meatloaf went, where it always belonged, to the dogs.

Dear Reader, do take pity on me; if you were presented with Sister Danita’s meatloaf, you would turn into a wicked witch, too!